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Air Duct Power Draft Inducer. Aids in proper exhaust of combustion gases. Undersized flues, cold starts, negative pressures. Eliminates Carbon Monoxide problems.
Wood & Coal Stove Power Draft Inducer. Eliminates smoky backup from moist or hard to ignite wood. Variable speed. Easy install. Minimal maintenance
In-Line Duct Air Boosting Exhaust Fans. Ultra quiet and efficient. Remote mounted from space. Simple to install, maintenance free. In-line Duct or Exterior Side Wall applications.

HRV delivers fresh air while exhausting stale indoor air, toxic fumes, odors and radon. Transfers vented heat or cool to incoming air. Up to 80% efficient.
Side Wall Venting System for Oil & Gas. Eliminates chimney install or repair. Zero clearance to combustibles. Quiet and energy efficient.
Improves furnace combustion due to poor draft and combustion air. Eliminates carbon monoxide problems and service calls. Increases efficiency.

Oil and Gas Furnaces require combustion air for proper and complete burning of fuel. Combustion Air is drawn into Oil and Gas Furnaces from the surrounding space. There must be a constant air exchange for energy efficient combustion. Combustion Air Intake Units bring outside air directly to the furnace for combustion. Fresh Air Intake Units also bring in outside air acting as an air exchanger for the whole house - replacing combustion air. Heat Recovery Ventilators - HRV - vent stale air out of the building while bringing fresh air in. The vented air passes through an energy exchanger which captures the heat or cool energy. The entering air passes through the same energy exchanger recovering  the captured energy.