Furnace Combustion Gas Venting: Power Venters

HVAC Solutions Direct is the #1 Source for Furnace Combustion Gas Power Venting Products. Chimney flue gas venting problems can occur as chimneys deteriorate over time, causing leakage and diminished draft. Chimneys need to be relined, which is costly and time consuming. Newer Oil & Gas Furnaces and Water Heaters operate more efficiently - producing lower combustion gas temperatures. Lower combustion gas temperatures affect the rise of the gases in a conventional chimney. Power Venters and Side Wall Venting Systems are proven solutions to furnace combustion gas venting problems. Any Non-Condensing Gas or Oil Fired Furnace or Water Heater that can be vented by natural draft can also use a Side Wall Vent System. Furnace Combustion Gas Power Venting is also used in Electric to Gas conversions.