Power Venters: Furnace & Water Heater

Tjernlund GAS & OIL POWER VENTERS Price: $284.53 View Product >>
Tjernlund POWER VENTERS for use on Natural Gas, LP, and Oil-Fired Furnaces, Boilers, and Water Heaters. Small Residential to large Commercial applications. 
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Tjernlund MILLIVOLT GAS WATER HEATER VENTING PACKAGES Price: $441.19 View Product >>
Tjernlund MILLIVOLT GAS WATER HEATER Venting Packages. Side Wall venting applications. Electric to Gas conversions, Chimney replacement. Up to 120,000 BTU.  

Power Venters help in the venting of Oil & Gas Furnaces or Water Heater combustion gases through a vent pipe. Power Venters consist of a motorized blower to boost Combustion Gas venting. Power Venters are interlocked with the Furnace or Water Heater - ensuring that a proper draft is achieved before the Furnace or Water Heater is activated. Power Venters are also available as a Side Wall Vent System for 80 Plus Gas Furnaces and Boilers. Power Venters can be used on Natural Gas, LP Gas, Oil-Fired Furnaces, Boilers and Water Heaters.