Residential UV Light Lamp Systems

SPOT MICROBIAL Swab Detection Kit Price: $15.00
Sale: $12.00 View Product >>
SPOT MICROBIAL Swab Test Kit. Detects the presence of proteins produced by Mold, Fungi, Bacteria and Allergens found in HVAC Systems. SEE VIDEO
Filtration Manufacturing AIRGORILLA II N-DUCT UV Light Air Purifier Price: $95.88 View Product >>
AIRGORILLA ll UV N-DUCT Air Ultraviolet Air Purifier. Disinfect HVAC System Air Stream or Air Conditioning Coil. Easy install and service.
SPEEDLIGHT UV DUCT LAMP Magnetic Mount Price: $109.21 View Product >>
Filtration Mfg A+2000 SPEEDLIGHT UV Lamp. Quick Mount Magnetic Lamp Base and Bracket. No Installation Holes in Cabinet area. Dual-Radiant High Output Bulb
Fresh-Aire BLUE TUBE UV Germicidal Lamp Price: $169.05 View Product >>
BLUE TUBE UV Light Kit. Residiential applications. 24V & 110/277 Voltages Options. Quick Installation. Replacement Bulbs.    *** QUANTITY SAVINGS UP TO 15% ***
Fresh-Aire AHU UV Air Purifier System Price: $278.60 View Product >>
AHU 1 UV Air Purification System. Versitle Multi-Lamp Options for Air Handlers. High Output - Water Resistant. Replacement Bulbs.
Fresh-Aire MINI UV LIGHT System Price: $236.25 View Product >>
UV MINI Ductless Mini Split UV Light System. Dual 9" Mini UV-C Lamps. Inhibits Mold. Reduces Microbial Contaminents.
Fresh-Aire  APCO RT UV-C Lamp For 11" IN-DUCT Mount Price: $366.30 View Product >>
APCO RT UV IN-DUCT Air Purifier. Tight Duct applications. Combines UV-C Light with Activated Carbon Cells. Reduces Odors, Toxic Vapors, Germs and Mold.
Fresh-Aire APCO UV-C Lamp with CARBON ODOR Cells Price: $381.15 View Product >>
APCO UV IN-DUCT Air Purifier. UV-C Light with Activated Carbon Cells. Reduces Odors, Toxic Vapors, Germs and Mold. Optional 2nd Remote Lamp. Replacement Bulbs.
Fresh-Aire UV PURITY Whole House Air Cleaner  Purifier Price: $599.04 View Product >>
PURITY TUV-PRT Whole House Air Cleaner Purifier. 3 Stage Air Purification reduces Airborne Contaminants. Easy install Air Handlers & Gas Furnaces. Replacement Parts & Filters
UV LIGHT Exact Replacement Bulbs - Shipped from Original Manufacturer. Picture Does NOT Represent All Bulb Styles.   Freshaire UV - Triatomic Environmental - Filtration Manufacturing - Air Gorilla