Continental Fan CX3000GS Whole House AIR PURIFIER

Continental Fan CX3000GS Whole House AIR PURIFIER
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CX3000GS Whole House Air Cleaner and Air Purifier. Furnace Duct Install - 3 Stage Air Purifier System. Eliminate Odors, Germs, and Chemicals. Replacement Media and Bulbs

Whole House Air Cleaner / Air Purifier system. Developed with the help of research performed by the Sandia Laboratory and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

CX3000GS Whole House Air Purification System 3-Stage Process
  • Electrostatic MERV-11 High Performance Air Filter
  • Photo-Catalytic Titanium Oxidation - Reduces Odor
  • Ultraviolet Air Purifier UV Lights (2)
Photo-Catalytic Titanium Oxidation will eliminate:
  • Bacteria / Viruses / VOC's
  • Cleaning Chemicals / Pesticides Smog / Ozone / Carbon Monoxide
  • Tobacco Smoke / Nitrous Oxide Airborne Pollution

The CX3000GS Air Purifier constantly monitors Performance. Designed for Easy Maintenance - Service Lights indicate when the user needs to change the Air Purification system MERV11 Air Filters  and UV-C Air Purifier Lights.

  • 25"W x 21"H x 10.25"D
  • 2170 cfm Maximum Air Flow
  • 120V 3000 sq. ft. approx. capacity
  • Change Filters - 6 months  /  UV Bulbs - 1 Year

Replacement Parts Available for CX3000 (Discontinued)
CX3000-RFLGS  /  CX3000-RFL  -  1 year Replacement Parts Kit. Includes 2 Filters & 2 UV Lamps
CX3000-RFGS  /  CX3000-RF  -  (1)  Replacement Filter
CX3000-RLGS  /  CX3000-RL  -  (2)  Replacement UV Lamps
CX3000-ARGS  /  CX3000-AR   -   Furnace Adapter Ring