Air Products and Controls SL-701 DUCT CO DETECTOR

Air Products and Controls SL-701 DUCT CO DETECTOR
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Air Products & Controls SL-701 Duct CO Detector. SL-701 KIT Includes Audible / Visual Strobe Remote Indicator. Duct insertion sampling tubes. Aerosol Test Gas available.

Air Products and Controls SL-701 Duct CO Detectors provide an early detection of Carbon Monoxide in air moving through HVAC supply or return air ducts. Designed to prevent the circulation or spread of invisible toxic CO by air handlers, fans and blowers. Total systems may be shut down in an Alarm mode. SL-701 is more effective than open air CO detectors as CO concentrations dilute taking longer to accumulate.

The SL-701 is a CO Detector. It is NOT a Smoke Detector or a CO Alarm. It detects CO as caused by Fossil Fuel Fired Appliances and/or as introduced from the outside in Fresh Air Intakes in the HVAC System.

  • Hybrid-Style Sensor monitors at the National Standards set by OSHA (IAQ) and UL 2075/2034 (Life Safety)
  • "Snap-in" sensor is easily replaced at end -of -life
  • Normal operation LED Light on sensor head
  • Detector Test Mode allows for aerosol CO testing without cover removal thru Test Port Valve
  • Retrievable reporting data stored at the SL-701
  • Unit automatically performs self-test every 24 hours
  • Interconnect up to 30 units for common functions
  • Advanced sensor design with Internal Dust Filtering
  • "No Tools Required" for loading and removing sampling tubes
  • Compatible with Building Automation and CO / Fire Alarm Systems


SL-701  -  Duct CO Detector Only

SL-701 KIT  - 
Duct CO Detector Kit includes:
  • Fast Tube Air Sampling Tubes: (3) 18" Plastic Tube segments - Fits Duct up to 90" wide
  • 7" Exhaust Tube / Sampling Air Tube End Cap
  • MSR-50/CO Remote includes Temp-4 Audible Alarm and LED Based Strobe Visual Alarm Indicator
  • All Mounting Hardware and Installation Materials

TG-701  -  Aerosol Test Gas Accessory
                            MSR-50/CO Remote Indicator

  • WP-2000  -  Optional Weatherproof Enclosure for SL-701 available.       


  • 24VAC / Standby - 55mA / Alarm - 190mA
  • 24VDC / Standby - 14mA / Alarm - 68mA
  • 115VAC / Standby - 22mA / Alarm - 32mA
  • 230VAC / Standby - 12mA / Alarm - 18mA

  • Alarm Contacts: Resistive Load: 2 sets form "C" rated at 10A @ 115VAC / 1 set form "A" rated @ 2A
  • Trouble Contacts: Resistive Load: 1 set form "C" rated at 10A @ 115VAC
  • Air Velocity: 100 - 4000 ft/min.
  • Ambient Temperature: 32F - 158F (0C-70C)
  • Humidity: 10% to 85% RH  Non-Condensing / Non-Freezing
  • Wiring: Solid or Stranded #12 to #22 AWG terminals
  • Material: Grey Plastic Back Box / Clear Plastic Cover (Makrolon 94V-0) Do Not Expose to Corrosive Environments
  • Dimensions: 13 1/2"L X 4 1/2"W X 2 1/4"D
  • Max Net Wt: 2/1/2 lbs