Fresh-Aire ICE MACHINE UV-C Lamp

Fresh-Aire ICE MACHINE UV-C Lamp
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ICE MACHINE UV Germicidal Lamp. Disinfects Ice Machines - kills Mold and Bacteria. Reduces unsafe and costly Chemical maintenance.

Ice Machines are a breeding ground for Mold and other biological contaminents. Ultra-Violet UV-C light effectively kills the Mold and other microbials. Reduces the use of unsafe Cleansers and Chemicals. Creates cleaner - clearer Ice. Improves Ice machine efficiency and performance.

  • Shatter-resistant Teflon coated 2 Year water-resistant UV-C Lamp.
  • Lifetime warrantee 110-277 VAC power supply.
  • Lamp mounting bracket and light reflecter shield for installation flexibility.
  • Multiple lamp model configurations for larger systems.

  • UV Lamp  - 2 Year Bulb
    Standard 100% 254 NM / Teflon coated with cathode guard filament. Shatter Resistant
  • Dimensions  -  Lamp: 8"L X 0.74" Dia
    Stainless Steel Lamp Shield: 9.5"L X 1"W
  • Power Supply  -  5" X 2.5" X 1"
  • Multi-Voltage 120-277 VAC / 0.51 - 0.22 Amps

  • Installation Kit includes:  Internal cabinet mounted Power Supply / 6' Lamp Cable / 12" Power Cord / UV-C Lamp / UV Light Blocking Tape / Mounting Brackets & Hardware


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TUV-ICE-ST      Single Lamp Model
TUV-ICE-DT       Dual Lamp Model

TUVL-CBL5              5 ft Connector Cable Extention
TUVL-ICE-SHIELD   Hoshizaki  Light Shield
TUV-INTLCK             Door Interlock Lamp Switch Kit
TUVL-ICE                  Replacement Bulb 2 Year