Fresh-Aire APCO UV-C Lamp with CARBON ODOR Cells

Fresh-Aire APCO UV-C Lamp with CARBON ODOR Cells
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APCO UV IN-DUCT Air Purifier. UV-C Light with Activated Carbon Cells. Reduces Odors, Toxic Vapors, Germs and Mold. Optional 2nd Remote Lamp. Replacement Bulbs.

Fresh-Aire UV APCO Air Purifier is installed as part of the central HVAC System - removing airborne contaminants as the air circulates.

The APCO UV-C Light reflects on a Carbon Matrix Shield which causes a Photocatylitic Reaction - transforming odor molecules into harmless Water Vapor and CO2. Mold, Germs and Viruses are sterlized by UV-C Light as they pass through it.

The Carbon Matrix Cells are self-cleaning and virtually maintenance free. The APCO In-Duct Air Purifier is available with 1 or 2 Year UV-C Life Bulbs.

Recommended Product Installation by Qualified HVAC Contractor.

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ER Models   Face Plate  8" x 8 "x 2"     Insert 13"
SI Models    Face Plate 10" x 10" x 2"   Insert 13" 

ER  Low Voltage Models
18-32V / 60 Hz / 0.68A / 16VA
TUV-APCO-ER       1 Year Bulb
TUV-APCO-ER2     2 Year Bulb

SI  Line Voltage Models
120-277V / 50-60-Hz / 0.51-0.22A
TUV-APCO-SI          Hard Wire     1 Year Bulb
TUV-APCO-Sl-P       Plug End      1 Year Bulb
TUV-APCO-Sl2        Hard Wire     2 Year Bulb   
TUV-APCO-Sl2-P     Plug End      2 Year Bulb

Dl   Line Voltage Models with 2nd Remote Lamp
TUV-APCO-Dl          Hard Wire    1 Year Bulb   
TUV-APCO-Dl-P       Plug End     1 Year Bulb 
TUV-APCO-Dl2        Hard Wire    2 Year Bulb   
TUV-APCO-Dl2-P     Plug End     2 Year Bulb

APCO Replacement UV Bulbs
TUVL-115     Replaces TUVL-100E     1 Year Bulb
TUVL-215     Replaces TUVL-200E     2 Year Bulb
TUVL-115P    2nd Remote UV Bulb     1 Year Bulb
TUVL-215P    2nd Remote UV Bulb     2 Year Bulb
TUV-SHIELD-LPC    Lamp Shield redirects UV Light from sensitive areas.